About the conference

This conference will be a leading national meet aiming to create an effective multidisciplinary network on implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Bangladesh, where all stakeholders will learn from each other: Universities, government agencies, national and international NGOs and development partners. Achieving any of the 17 SDGs depends on achieving other goals since these goals are interdependent. Among the SDGs, one particular goal – Goal 4: Quality Education – has been included with the hope that obtaining a quality education will act as a foundation for sustainable development. Along with other countries, Bangladesh recognizes education as the key to achieving other SDGs.

The government of Bangladesh has adopted a “whole of society” approach aiming to ensure wider participation of all the stakeholders including development partners, NGOs, private sector as well as media in the formulation and implementation of the Action Plan for achieving the SDGs. Other stakeholders are not only helping government agencies formulate and implement the Action Plan; they are also complementing with their own initiatives. In this context, it is important for Bangladeshi educators, researchers, administrators, education planners, policy makers and other stakeholders to look at all the educational responses (include policy, action plan and activities) taken or to be taken by different Government and Non-government organization with a view to achieving SDGs as proficiently as we can.

The Conference will showcase initiatives, actors, networks and ideas that were stimulated by the SDGs. Examples of good practices from different sectors in the country will play an important role in identifying viable approaches and way out for future actions in Education for achieving SDGs. Furthermore, the conference will create a knowledge base for experts and policy makers, so that further research into implementation of measures taken for achieving the goals of SDGs.

The main objective of the conference is to bring together the expertise of using Education as a way of achieving SDGs. Thus the conference has the following four objectives:

         a) Understanding the educational responses towards achieving SDGs in Bangladesh;
         b) Identifying challenges in implementing education-initiatives for achieving SDGs;
         c) Identifying the ways of overcoming the challenges and accelerating action for achieving the targets of SDGs through education in Bangladesh; and
         d) Setting the Agenda of Bangladesh education systems in achieving the goals of sustainable development.