Call for Abstracts

We invite submission of abstracts for paper presentations, symposiums, posters and workshops.

  • Individual paper (30 minutes)

The paper is presented by an individual author or co-authors. Each presentation is allocated 30 minutes which include 10 minutes Q & A.

  • Symposium (90 minutes)

The symposium is presented by multiple authors or co-author groups on a particular big idea. Each 90-minute symposium comprises of: (a) 1 chairperson and 3 presenters, or (b) 2 presenters and 1 discussant. In addition to the abstracts for the individual presentations, the symposium proposal should include one 300-400-word statement describing the overall theme of the symposium and connections between the presentations.

  • Poster (90 minutes)

A single author or group of co-authors may prepare a poster for an interactive session. Handouts may be prepared for dissemination to interested audience. Posters belonging to the same strand will be grouped together and presented during the 90-minute poster time block.

  • Workshop (90 minutes)

A single author or group of co-authors may prepare an extensive discussion session with conference participants on a specific topic, subject, or issue related to a conference subtheme. The aim of the workshop may be to develop an action plan or a set of recommendation with a view to achieving a sustainable development goal.